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Mindtree Mastering studio back




one track up to 8:00


multiple tracks up to 45:00


multiple tracks up to 79:48




All mastering projects include:

2496, 2444,1644 WAV masters

320 MP3 reference files

256 AAC reference files

MP3/AAC codec check

Mix consultation (upon request)

Up to two rounds of revisions

Alternate versions (radio edit, etc.)

DDP pre-master (CD projects only)

Photo: Studio back

The back of the mastering studio is the "live" end of the room. Mid/high frequency absorption is kept to a minimum. A bank of Skyline diffusors scatters incident sound from the rear wall uniformly to achieve a more diffuse sound field. The Skyline (RPG Diffusor Systems, Inc.) is an omnidirectional reflection phase grating diffusor based on a primitive root number sequence. It also acts as a low frequency absorber, which augments the low end absorption provided by the panel bass traps in the back corners.


Vinyl Pre-master                          $100.00

Includes 2496 WAV pre-masters (one for each side) and PQ sheet.

PMCD/Reference CD Set              $50.00

Includes PMCD with PQ sheet and error report, Reference CD, and standard shipping worldwide.


Accepted forms of payment include major credit/debit cards and PayPal. Payment in full must be received prior to delivery of masters.


Singles: 2-3 days

EPs/Albums: 5-7 days

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