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Mastering loudspeaker


High fidelity audio mastering.*

*by humans

At Mindtree Mastering audio mastering represents the convergence of the creative and the technical. The sonic characteristics of a mix are finalized, while upholding the artistic intent. An EP or album is sequenced properly for the destination medium. A master (or pre-master) is produced which is both sonically and technically appropriate for the intended format.

With the proliferation of multiple digital delivery formats and the resurgence of vinyl, mastering today remains an essential step in the music production process. Even mixes requiring little to no processing can benefit from a thorough QC (quality control) process prior to production - an undertaking no machine can perform.

Mindtree provides high fidelity audio mastering for digital delivery (digital distribution and streaming) and pre-mastering for CD and vinyl. Each track is individually processed, if necessary, to achieve greater clarity and impact. Assembly and QC are precisely carried out.

At Mindtree Mastering we view each project as an artistic statement worthy of preservation, which is why 24-bit/96 kHz archival masters are always included as delivery masters. Mindtree looks forward to mastering your next project for posterity.

An introduction to Mindtree's audio mastering facility, gear, and engineer.

Mindtree Mastering's rate card. All work is performed at a flat rate. With the exception of two additional master options, mastering projects are all-inclusive.

The Mindtree music player. Listen to mastering samples from select projects.

Mindtree Mastering's Technical Handbook detailing the audio mastering process at Mindtree. All technical specifications are included.

Contact Mindtree, securely upload audio files, and complete mix submission form.

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